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Bounce Back:
A Roadmap for Britain's Role in the World


LFPG Exec Member Anna-Joy Rickard writes with Dr Matt Godwin about how Britain can rediscover and reinvent its identity in the world.

They propose Britain as a major power, a smart power and a pioneering power - in order to avoid being a past power.


South Africa's 2024 Elections 



LFPG Exec Member Andrew Bruce writes about the eight things to watch in this year's South African elections. 

Including an outline of whether the ANC will lose its majority and be forced to share power. 

Image by Kyle Glenn

A New Approach to International Development

This paper sets out how Labour can take into account changing global dynamics and perspectives on the effectiveness of development aid to craft an new approach. 

It sets out recommendations for Labour's core narrative and key themes to integrate into this new approach. 

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The International Development Problem

This briefing sets out the key failures of UK development policy since 2010 and the main obstacles to tackling poverty and inequality in the world today.


Labour’s New Model for UK International Development will need to respond to both.


Turkey's Elections 2023

LFPG Exec Member Andrew Bruce explores the potential outcomes and impacts of Turkey's Presidential and Parliamentary Elections. 


Will Erdoğan secure re-election? Will this entail more autocracy and worsening relations with the west? Or will Kılıçdaroğlu be elected and hand power back to parliament, restore the independence of the courts and revive EU accession talks?

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Nigeria's Elections 2023

LFPG Exec Member Andrew Bruce writes about the seven things to watch in this year's Nigerian elections


This includes an exploration of the impacts of the new Electoral Act and improvements to INEC. 

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5 Things to Watch in Burkina Faso

LFPG Exec Member Anna-Joy Rickard writes about what international observers should be watching for in the aftermath of Burkina Faso's second coup d'etat on Friday 30th September. 


She also makes four suggestions for how the international community should react including using regional momentum for collaboration and solution-finding. 

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LFPG In Brief: Labour's Approached to China 

LFPG's China Working Group produced a short briefing note ahead of Labour Party Conference on various aspects of the UK China relationship and Labour's approach. 


The briefing contains policy recommendations on: atrocities in Xinjiang, climate and the environment, higher education and Hong Kong. 

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LFPG Annual Report 2022

Our first official Annual Report launched at our AGM in July 2022.


This report shares information about our organisational mission, our achievements over the past two years and our forward plans for the year coming. 

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LFPG China Report 2021

Following a series of expert roundtables, the LFPG China Working Group has produced a comprehensive report diving into the UK-China Relationship. The report looks at how we challenge, compete with and cooperate with China on various issues and charts a path forward for Labour's policy on the UK-China relationship.  

Image by Scott Graham

LFPG Survey on Foreign Policy Attitudes

We surveyed 750 Labour members to gauge attitudes towards various foreign policy issue. We also aimed to identify key areas for Labour's foreign policy priorities. Climate change ranked as the greatest priority for Labour members followed by the UK's relationship with the European Union. 

Screenshot 2021-11-22 at

LFPG Summary: One Year On

We set up LFPG with two primary aims: to energise the debate about foreign policy and to create a space for reasoned and respectful debate on topics that are often polarising and complex. This report provides an overview of our achievements over the past year and a look forward to how we will continue to grow. 

Image by Maxwell Ingham

LFPG China Working Group Briefing on AUKUS

Members of the LFPG China Working Group have produced a briefing on the new Aukus partnership including analysis of the potential impacts of the partnership on the UK's strategic interests globally and in the Indo-Pacific. The authors express reservations about the partnership and call for greater collaboration on defence and security with European allies. 

Image by Johanna Buguet

Submission to British Council APPG Global Britain Inquiry

This submission looks at the role Britain's soft power institutions play in its foreign policy. Specifically it seeks to answer how Britain should approach relationships with key allies, how the UK can play a force for good in the world, and how it interacts with fragile and conflict-affected states. 


Submission to Labour's International Policy Review

Drawing on the expertise of our members, LFPG made a submission to Labour's international policy review calling on Labour . The paper outlines the major challenges facing the UK and sets out a vision, ambition and narrative for the Labour Party. It also delves into the future of the UK's key bilateral and multilateral relationships including with the US, China, the EU, the Commonwealth and the UN.

Image by Benjamin Davies

Sadiq's 2021 Manifesto for London

Ahead of the May 2021 Local elections, LFPG made a submission to Sadiq's manifesto consultation process highlighting the key role that London can play in fostering internationalism in the UK. 

Image by Kuzzat Altay

UK Genocide Amendment Briefing 

LFPG collaborated with Labour Campaign for Human Rights and Labour Campaign for International Development to develop a briefing for MPs ahead of the second reading of the UK's Genocide Amendment, aimed at supporting action to prevent genocide of Uyghur Muslims in China.

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