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About Labour Foreign Policy


We want to harness the expertise within the party to help develop a well-evidenced, coherent and progressive foreign policy that benefits people in the UK and abroad. 

Founded in 2020, we aim to:

  • Influence and support the development of the Labour Party’s Foreign Policy in line with the goals and aims of the Labour movement

  • Provide a forum for Labour party members with foreign policy expertise and interest

  • Build relationships and develop policy with affiliated socialist societies, friends of groups and sister parties

  • Raise awareness and knowledge within the party on foreign policy issues 

We seek to explore and answer the big foreign policy questions of the day through a series of focused events and activities.

If you'd like to know more about our activities or get involved, sign up to our newsletter here

Our Values

By becoming a member of Labour Foreign Policy, you agree to support: 

  • Labour values of equality, fairness, solidarity and internationalism 

  • A strong and engaged role for Britain in the world 

  • Diversity, and a diversity of views, in our membership 

  • Open and collaborative working between our members, other affiliates and the Shadow Cabinet 

  • Respectful debate and decision-making with a focus on actively achieving our aims and activities

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