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Our Focus

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Image by Joshua Fuller

Strategic Foreign Policy Relationships

What do our foreign policy relationships look like post-Brexit and post-COVID? What does this mean for trade, security and international relations? We will focus on the relationships with China, US, EU and the Commonwealth. 

United Nations

Multilateral Institutions in the 21st Century

What is our vision for multilateral institutions that are fit for purpose in the 21st century? What is the UK’s role and how will it help deliver this? We will focus the UN, WTO and NATO. 

World Peace

Promoting Peace and Security

How do we define the UK's defence and conflict response policies? How does this take into account new challenges and approaches? We will explore issues including humanitarian response, refugee policy, defence policy, peace processes and cybersecurity.    

Image by Norbu Gyachung

Ways of Doing Foreign Policy

How can we democratise the formation and implementation of foreign policy? What can we learn from sister parties on foreign policy? We will also explore the role of cities, technology, civil society and Whitehall reform.

Image by Jacek Dylag

Progressive Foreign Policy for the 21st Century

How do we define and integrate progressive considerations into foreign policy? We will examine climate change, the SDGs, human rights, LGBT rights, ethical trade and feminist foreign policy. How do we make foreign policy more inclusive? 

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